Podcast recommendation: Debbie Millman on the Tim Ferriss Show

Yesterday at the gym I listened to a new Tim Ferriss podcast with guest Debbie Millman. The name is likely only familiar to a few of you. But I find these shows endlessly fascinating and useful because nobody’s story is uninteresting. Everyone has something to offer; one piece of wisdom or inspiration that can shift your point of view.
Listening to this episode is the closest I’ve ever come to believing that everything happens for a reason. But looking at it again, and even in the moments where I was amazed by the seeming serendipity of her life, you have to walk away from this with the understanding that it was all choice. All of it. Look at how all the dots connected and see how the essential — ESSENTIAL — piece in this puzzle is Debbie Millman simply being Debbie Millman.
And the word “simply” here is deceptive. Because it wasn’t always easy for her to do that. In fact, there are so many cases in her story where she focuses on how her insecurities led to opportunities, without owning the fact that she never stopped moving forward. She never quit.
This was a great episode and Debbie is really charming. Her story gave me the feels. Listen if it’s light. 

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