About Frank

Frank Fradella is a creator of insane magnitude! He’s worked in the fields of fiction, publishing, podcasting, art, tarot, language, comics, self-help, content marketing, and video production. In addition to creating dozens of videos for Gary and Dain and the Access Consciousness team, he’s traveled the world on the Stream Team, and is currently hosting The Art of Creation Show along with Rebecca Boswell on YouTube.

As a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness, Frank loves to dedicate himself to destroying the barriers that prevent people from choosing their best life. For the creative, that most often means working with them to overcome the persistent “starving artist” mentality. For couples, it means helping them learn to ask better questions and leave judgement at the door.

Frank’s particular passions have led him to create his own specialty classes such as Total Ease with Video, Total Ease with Languages, and The Geek’s Guide to Consciousness, and the Tao of Manliness.

Frank is also the host and producer of the long-running podcast, LINGO, bringing the very best in global pop music every week.

Last, Frank is often the guest on other shows, talking about everything from creativity to being eaten by whales. Have a listen!

Too book a session with Frank, go here: https://frankfradella.youcanbook.me/